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Secret about mortgage lenders

Have you ever taken out a loan from a mortgage company or bank only to find out a few months down the road that it’s been sold? Don’t be surprised if this happens to you — multiple times — because it’s common that lenders sell mortgages.

Federal banking laws allow financial institutions to sell mortgages or transfer the servicing rights to other institutions. Consumer consent is not required when lenders sell mortgages. It might seem alarming because a mortgage is something very personal to a consumer, a symbol of your home ownership. But banks and other financial institutions view your mortgage differently. To them, your mortgage is just another financial asset. And that means lenders handle your home loan much more differently than you might.

Why do lenders sell mortgages?

There are basically two main reasons why a lender might sell your mortgage. The first has to do with capital. When a loan gets sold, the lender has basically sold servicing rights to the loan, which clears up credit lines and enables the lender to lend money to the other borrowers. Much as we might think that financial institutions have countless amounts of cash on hand, the truth is that lenders needs to keep a large enough pool of money on hand in order to lend to other people.

Another reason why a lender might sell your loan is because it makes money off the sale. Lenders can make money by charging fees when the loan originates, earning interest from your monthly payments, and selling it for commission. Administering a loan has value because it earns the mortgage servicer money — a small percentage of the interest rate you pay will go to the servicer. A mortgage being sold is not bad thing. Unless you are delinquent or behind on payments, the terms of your loan will not change because you’ve already borrowed the money and signed off on it.

At MidasWallet, we buy and sell loans. Thereby making guaranteed profit for our investors.

small business loans - MidasWallet Bitcoin


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Through Midas Wallet I invested in over 200 different loans at attractive interest rates. It's amazing that this is possible so easily.

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"Because of the platform’s peer-to-peer system, borrowers receive loans at affordable interest rates, and lenders gain higher interest rates compared to other fixed income asset classes."


Crypto is the new digital currency that is designed for use on the Internet. It is truly international and works without the need for a trusted intermediary (a bank or other institution).

What this means for businesses is that they do not have to worry about chargebacks, bank fees, or the other financial friction that comes from using them. Even more, as Wikileaks found out when a vengeful government tried to shut them down by forcing credit card companies to deny them service, Bitcoin kept them alive. In January 18 2017,1 BTC = $880. Today, 1 BTC = $8,000 +.

There are many businesses all around the world who believe in what this revolutionary currency will bring and promote it by offering savings to you.

Get 5% discount on bitcoin order

Here are a few good ways to get started with Bitcoin and some of the best ways to save.
  • Buy Bitcoin from us at an exclusive 5% discount [E.g. If 1 BTC = $7,000 USD (Market rate), We will sell to you at $6,650 USD For 1 BTC (Midas Wallet 5% discount rate).]
  • Invest in one of our Investment plans and earn incredible income.
  • Apply for our Bitcoin Debit card and your bitcoin experience will be flawless. Buy products with a "regular" real card. Move your Bitcoins to your Debitcard and withdraw at the ATM.
  • Sell Bitcoin to us and we will credit your Bank Account immediately
  • Open an investment account with us and get a quick loan to solve your financial troubles.

Get a Bitcoin ATM Card

Midas Wallet Bitcoin VISA Debit Card

Bitcoin ATM machines are one of the easiest and quickest ways to buy and sell bitcoins. According to a 2013 article by Gigaom "First Bitcoin ATM gets 348 transactions in first 8 days". Today, Bitcoin has grown more than earlier forecast and has become the highest and most valuable cryptocurrency in the world with the ATM Machine installed in many places worldwide.

We are excited to introduce our new Bitcoin Debit Cards, which can be used at any ATM around the globe or shops as an ordinary payment card. The card is funded instantly, so you do not have to worry about exchanging your bitcoins in advance. A very big thank you to our amazing investors for their inevitable support as we have successfully invested in a technology that's elevating the existence of crytocurrency.

How it works

Each card is connected to a unique bitcoin wallet address that is printed on the back of the card. You can use this wallet address to upload funds into the card because it works like every other normal bitcoin wallet. There is Web based secure control panel to manage this card, you can view your card history, print statement, reload card, transfer bitcoin, Block card (if stolen) and Change PIN etc. This is a simple and easy way to cashout bitcoin from your local ATM in any country. This card works worlwide without limitations.

Pay with bitcoin wherever you want

Midas Wallet bitcoin debit card is accepted everywhere where MasterCard or VISA is accepted. That includes automated teller machines (ATMs) for cash withdrawal, online sites, and physical shops. This Bitcoin debit card can also be linked to PayPal or any other online wallet.

Instant loading

Bitcoin debit cards can be loaded immediately from Midas Wallet. You can also link any of your existing Bitcoin wallet from other platforms. You have a direct access to your funds. This means you don't have to keep waiting for ages before you can do that bitcoin transaction.

No verification required

To simplify the process, you are not obliged to complete any verification (No document is required, fully anonymous). However, if you want to benefit from higher debit card limits ($10,000 a day), you will have to verify your account.

MidasWallet Bitcoin Debit Card

Pricing / Charges

Low fees are guaranteed for Midas Wallet bitcoin debit card holders. The dollar, euro or pound denominated debit card will be delivered to you within 2-7 days. There is no loading fee.

Card cost + Express Shipping via DHL/FEDEX - $100.00
Card Activation - 0.00
ATM Withdrawal Fee - $0.45
ATM Balance Inquiry - $0.00
Retail Purchase - 1%
Load Funds to Card - $0.00
Monthly Fee - $0.00
Any other Fee - $0.00

Buy Bitcoin at 5% discount

When you order for the Midas wallet Bitcoin debit card, you will automatically qualify for our BTC 5% discount offer. What this means is, For example - - If 1 BTC = $7,000 USD (Market rate), We will sell to you at $6,650 USD For 1 BTC (Midas Wallet 5% discount rate). We calculate and give you a discount depending on the current market rate.

How do we benefit from the discount

This offer is only valid for a limited period because we are promoting our newly introduced bitcoin debit card and we want to build a bigger client base for it while allowing early subscribers to enjoy maximum benefit. However, our automated system also gathers information from the blockchain transfers and cryptocurrency exchanges to study and predict the bitcoin price. Our servers open and close thousands of transactions per minute, analyzing the price differences and transactions fees, and use these pieces of information to generate more profit.

Bitcoin lending – the smart way to invest

Peer-to-peer bitcoin lending gives individual investors access to profitable interest rates. At the same time borrowers get small business loans quickly and in an uncomplicated way. Midas Wallet leverages bitcoin as a technology and payment network to create global market for small business loans. That's something that wouldn't be possible in the conventional banking system because payment transactions would take too long and would be too expensive.

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